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3 Commercial Cleaning Tips For Commercial Facilities

Keeping your commercial facility and offices clean is one of the top priorities for business owners. It not only helps to organize your space but also keeps employees productive and happy. A clean factory, warehouse, or office makes the first impression on your clients and makes your business successful.

However, keeping a commercial facility prim and proper is not as easy as it seems. Managing daily operations along with regular cleaning is a challenging task. However, it’s achievable with the right methods and approach.

In this blog, we’ve compiled the best cleaning tips for commercial facilities so that they remain safe and clean at all times.

Extra Hands Services is Kansas’s leading commercial cleaning company that has years of experience in providing top-notch cleaning solutions. Our services include janitorial cleaning services, floor cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We have various satisfied customers from different sectors including manufacturing, medical, and distribution industries.

Let’s learn some cleaning tips for your commercial facility.

1. Maintain A Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule outlines the frequency and tasks that need to be done for each area of the facility. It can help ensure that cleaning tasks are completed regularly and nothing is missed. This will help you pre-book a cleaning company for your commercial facility.

Additionally, you should also train employees to create minimum wastage and keep the premises clean.

2. Use The Correct Cleaning Tools And Products

Different surfaces require different cleaning products, so it is important to use the right product for the job. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products when possible and make sure they are safe for the surface being cleaned. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that can damage surfaces.

Moreover, it’s essential to regularly clean and maintain cleaning equipment such as mops, brooms, and vacuums. Dirty equipment can spread germs and bacteria, and reduce the effectiveness of cleaning. Store equipment properly and replace it when necessary.

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3. Keep The Floors Dry And Clean

Floors should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and debris from building up. Wet floors can be a safety hazard, so make sure they are dry before allowing people to walk on them. You can also use floor mats to trap dirt and moisture at entrances and high-traffic areas.

Hire A Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company In Kansas

Extra Hands Services provide efficient cleaning solutions to ensure that your commercial facility is maintained to a high standard. We also provide specialized cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and janitorial cleaning services.

Our well-trained staff uses advanced equipment and methods including disinfectants and extractors. Our professional janitors will tackle even the toughest dirt and grime, leaving your commercial facility looking and feeling like new.

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