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3 Changes You Can Make to Help Improve Patient Satisfaction at Your Hospital

a happy patient and doctor

Studies have previously found that several hospital patients are often disgruntled with the hospital care they receive—and aren’t likely to recommend the medical center ahead. They were dissatisfied back in 2008, and they were dissatisfied in 2019. Patient dissatisfaction, in fact, has long been a focus of study and research.

What, then, can implore these patients to recommend your medical center to others—what can turn their hearts in your favor?

1. Be Friendly

Nobody likes a rude person—especially not a sick patient or a caregiver who has to deal with a rude receptionist or doctors. It’s understandable that you, as doctors and medical staff, can’t always be smiling and cheerful, with all that disease and death around you. However, you need to put on a non-hostile face when faced with a new customer—to make them feel at ease and at home.

When the patient feels good under your care, they have greater motivation to get better. This, in turn, assists your treatment of them.

2. Make it Look Good

an operation roomPeople love beautiful things—be it beautiful places or other people. It’s psychology. And you can use this fact to provide better, more satisfactory experiences to your patients. Hospitals have often been described as “depressing places.” After all, there are simply way too many “haunted hospital” videos out there. Something about the whites and greens of a hospital makes people feel uneasy.

So, you do the logical thing and make some changes. Make people feel. . .  not uneasy.

Add greenery to the environment—preferably, plants with flowers that bloom. Add pops of color, especially to children’s wards. The bottom line is: don’t make your hospitals fifty shades of grey.

3. Keep it Clean

What is a hospital even if it isn’t clean? And no, when we say “clean,” we don’t mean just a random swiping and wiping of the hospital floors. You need a professional team of medical cleaners to properly sanitize, sterilize, and disinfect the environment. This task, naturally, requires specific equipment, and the cleaners also need to have proper training.

Professional medical cleaning, on a regular basis, needs to be part of your inventory. A clean hospital gives an important message to the patients and their caregivers: you worry about them, you care about them, and you think about them—constantly.

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