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3 Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

High-traffic areas can get dirty quickly, especially when the weather is nasty. Getting it professionally cleaned on a regular basis will help, but there are also other benefits of commercial carpet cleaning that will help give the best impression when people come through your business.

  1. The Benefit of a Fresh Smelling Office: While the floor isn’t the first thing people look at, it does add to the cleanliness of an office building if the carpet is clean and fresh smelling. If the carpet is holding in dust, spills that were improperly cleaned or other unsavory smells, getting them professionally cleaned will help.
  2. Carpet Will Last Longer: Commercial grade carpet vacuums and cleaners are equipped for pulling the dirt out of the carpet fibers. Dirt is one cause of carpet fiber breakage. Getting the dirt and grime removed on a regular basis will help the carpet look newer longer and last longer.
  3. A Clean that Lasts: Having your carpets deep cleaned with the proper service, gives your carpets a clean on the top and bottom of the carpet. Most processes aren’t this deep and can leave hidden dirt, grime and buildup behind, giving the opportunity for dirt to resurface after the commercial carpet cleaning process is done. With a deep cleaning like what you get from Extra Hands Services, you know it will last.

We are here to help keep your Kansas City’s business looking great with commercial carpet cleaning. We are also available for spot cleaning and regular vacuuming. Contact us to schedule a commercial grade deep carpet cleaning.

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