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3 Additional Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Carpet Cleaning at your Commercial Property

In a previous blog, we addressed benefits of commercial carpet cleaners for your business by saying your office will smell much better, cleaning will extend the life of the carpet and it will be a clean that will last. However, there are more benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and clean the carpets in your business’s building. Here are three additional benefits.

  1. The equipment professional carpet cleaners have is high-quality and high-powered. The preparation of using a high-powered vacuum to clear out any excess dirt and dust before cleaning will be made easy. Their professional equipment will also make it so your carpets won’t have any extra moisture left over when the process is complete and the remaining moisture will dry quickly.
  2. Professionals can add a stain-resistant treatment to the carpet. Even in offices, spills happen. In addition, foot traffic can bring in all sorts of filth that will be ground in and build up on your carpet. Having a protective treatment applied to the carpets after they are cleaned, it will help keep the carpets cleaner than without until the next cleaning.
  3. Protect your investment. Carpet is great for many areas of commercial properties. It helps cushion the floor, it provides comfort and it reduces noise. Keeping the carpet in its best condition is important and a commercial carpet cleaning company can help you do just that.

At Extra Hands Services, we offer carpet cleaning for commercial properties, but we also clean upholstery so you don’t have to worry if an employee, customer or client accidentally spills coffee on a chair. Call us to schedule our team to come to you for upholstery or commercial carpet cleaning in your Kansas City business.

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