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10 Office Spots that Are Dirtier Than You Think!

You must have heard that our mobile phones contain more bacteria than our toilet seats. It’s not exactly an exaggeration since we make a lot more contact with our cell phone screens.

Office spaces get covered with germs and bacteria with time. There is a flow of employees and all sorts of people coming in and going out. Interestingly, it’s not just the office floor that receives all the dirt, grime, and germs.

Here are ten office sports that are dirtier than you think.

1. Office Door Handle 

It’s both the entry and exit point of your workplace- a high-touch area that never gets cleaned enough. Considering how often people coming in from their commute place their hands on door handles, transferring all the germs they brought along with them on their ride to the office, it’s a highly contaminated surface.

2. Sinks 

Whether it’s the kitchen sink or the bathroom, they will have accumulated countless germs and bacteria. When washing a plate or your hands, you contaminate the sink area. Worst still, nobody thinks of cleaning it unless the janitorial staff steps in.

3. Microwave Door 

You may or may not have washed your hands before opening the microwave door. Most of the office staff doesn’t, so you will have bacteria along with your heated sandwich.

4. Desk

Many employees spend countless hours at their desks. They will fix the straps of their heels, blow out their nose, and then put their hands on the desk. This is how germs travel from one place to another, making desks one of the dirtiest places. Make sure you use hand sanitizer while sitting.

To disinfect office desks giving you a clean sitting and working space, we recommend contacting Expert Hands Services and hiring them for their janitorial services. Kansas City workers deserve their workplaces to be safe, clean, and lively so they can be their most productive.

5. Coffee Maker

Much like the microwave, this is another hot spot for germs. A good convention to follow is to wash your hands before pressing that button.

6. Elevator Buttons

Germs don’t discriminate, so your elevator buttons are equally as nasty as your office door handles. In addition to employees and janitorial staff, visitors also use elevators that further compromise their cleanliness status.

7. Kitchen Fridge 

Somebody forgot their burrito, and it’s been sitting inside for weeks now. Kitchen fridges are a host of diseases because of the way food is stored inside. Half-eaten or rotting food, beverage spills, and cans with their lids off permeate bad odor in the fridge. All of this gives bacteria enough room to grow.

8. Keyboard & Mouse

You touch your keyboard and mouse more than your display screen. Laptops and computers with attached peripheral devices are all hosts of dirt and germs. You can pull apart your keyboard and mouse to see the dirt captured inside, but that’s nothing compared to the germs you don’t see.

9. Tap and Faucets 

When touching taps and faucets to wash your hands, you inadvertently contaminate the tap and faucet. And it never gets cleaned, trapping the staff in a perpetual cycle of adding and sharing germs..

10. Kettle

The last on the list is the seemingly harmless kettle. Used to heat up water, the kettle handles are riddled with germs and bacteria.

Office spaces require proper janitorial and deep cleaning services. Kansas City offices should contact professionals like Extra Hands Services to keep working spaces clean and safe for employees.

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